Workout tracking for experienced lifters.

The most powerful lifting app to track your workouts across all your devices.

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The fitness app you can depend on.

Micro is independent, self-funded, privacy-focused, and supported by our subscribers. No ads. No investors. No risk.

Real-time Data Sync

Micro is the only workout app with an easy to use drag and drop desktop interface. Real-time data sync to every device.

Supersets and Circuits

We've got those, too. If you need to swap between two or more exercises between sets, we've got you covered.

Customized Rest Timers

How long you rest for is just as important as your workout — but not all exercises are the same. So why should your rests be?

Scoped Exercise Notes

If two programs call for a slight change in an exercise, just make a quick note of it. You'll have access to all the history and comments during your workout.

Set Tagging [RPE, RIR]

Commenting can get repetitive. Save time with a tag. Specify your RPE or RIR with a tag. Once you start, you won't be able to live without it.

Performance Analytics

Micro is data driven. Get insights to make informed decisions throughout your fitness journey. We chart your workout data at every level.


Keep up your streak.
Earn rewards.

Working on something every day helps you form a new habit. Earn rewards for being consistent. Turn on vacation mode to save your streak when you're taking a break.


Stay focused.
Save time.
Just lift.

Spend less time on your phone — and more time preparing for your next set. Your entire exercise history and workout notes at your fingertips.

Plan everything from your desktop, if you want.

  • Rest Timers

  • Plate Calculators

  • Set Commenting

  • Tags [RIR and RPE]

  • Scoped Exercise Notes


Bring your own exercises. You have total control.

You are the exercise authority here. Create your exercise database and workout programs from the ground up. Your way.

We're the opposite of fitness apps that believe algorithms should decide what workouts, weight, or reps it thinks you need to be doing.


Drop your notes app.
Like a failed rep.


Quickly and Easily Create a New Program.

Use shortcuts to autocomplete your sets, reps, weight, and percentages. Just type to get out of the screen and under the barbell in record time.

  • 5 * 5

  • 3 x 8 - 12

  • 4 * 6 @ 155

  • 4 * 6 @ 155 - 175

  • 5 @ 80%

  • 5 @ 80 - 90p


Complete Color Customization.

Micro is designed to fit you. Personalize your muscle groups and tags to set them apart at a glance.

Color-blind Accessibility

We want to create and design for people first, above all. You're people to us. Not just users.

Completely Flexible

Clicks and Taps
Hue and Saturation
HTML Color Names


Your Tags. Your Way.

As you know; some sets are better than others. Make note of each exercise, set, or rep however you see fit.

  • warm up

  • 1 rep max

  • RPE

  • RIR


Don't just take it from us.

I've used a lot of fitness apps over the years. Planning my workouts on desktop and having it sync to my phone is an absolute godsend!

Richard H.

Honestly, It's the best app for tracking raw lifting data. Viewing my workout data is quick and easy.

Mike W.

Phenomenal customer support. I didn’t expect you to get back to me so fast! When Micro blows up, don't stop doing that.

Patrick W.


We chart your data down to every detail.

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First 15 workouts free
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Why does this exist?

There are literally hundreds of workout trackers out there. None of them feature a way to plan workouts on desktop/laptop and has it sync with your mobile device. The rest of our app is built around this feature.

What about novice lifters?

Micro isn't restricted to just advanced lifters. It's simply designed around that notion that you know what's best for your workouts better than we do.

Why should I use Micro?

You're self-disciplined and self-motivated. You want to track your workouts to extreme detail. You want a privacy-focused app that adapts to you.

How is Micro Funded?

Micro is self-funded and supported by the people who subscribe to the service. No investors. No ads. No bullshit. The fitness app you can count on.

What's direct download?

The direct download link is for people with android devices that run alternative operating systems or custom ROMs for Android devices.

How can I contact you? or you can Join our Discord and participate in any conversation. Ask questions, request a feature, get advice, and more.

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