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How lifting changed Tim's life and why he loves Micro.

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7 December 2022






1.5 years

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How long have you been a Micro customer?

I've been using Micro for 1.5 years.

How would you rate your experience with Micro?

⭐⭐⭐ | 4 stars

What's your experience with athletics and what brought you to start weightlifting.

When I was 60, I participated in the health screening offered by the company at which I worked. The results reported that I was pre-diabetic, morbidly obese, and borderline hypertensive. In order to prevent my health from getting worse, I started my fitness journey.

I know that muscle mass decreases as you age, so I determined I needed to build muscle to help stave off that decline.

I started by buying a couple of 'canned' packages from a fellow who had a large presence on YouTube. These courses offered no guidance or support, so I only stuck with them for a short while. Then I found another fitness trainer on YouTube who offered personalized programs, as well as nutrition coaching.

I recorded my workouts and macronutrient intake on Google Spreadsheets and would submit an email weekly. The trainer would comment on my work, provide suggestions, etc.

Under his guidance I was able to lose most of the ~70lbs that I lost in total.

After 1 1/2 years with him, I switched to a personal trainer who worked in the gym where I work out. Though we were in the same place (and often at the same time) I was still an 'online' client, submitting my work via spreadsheets and email.  I'm still with this same trainer 3 1/2 years later.

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Tim's Programming

What brought you to try Micro and how did it compare to other apps you've used before?

I'm a big believer in capturing data digitally and then using it as needed. So tracking my workouts using an app was a no-brainer for me. I tried a couple, but then landed on Progression, because it was flexible and easy to use, and had a data export feature that allowed me to massage the data to fit the format I reported it in. The developer was engaged in a massive redesign, and as a part of that, the app quit working on Android, as the developer worked on the Apple platform first. So I looked around for another app.

Al (Micro Co-Founder) was apparently monitoring a forum where development of Progression was being discussed. He reached out to me privately and suggested I try Micro. Though it doesn't have all the features I need, it serves my needs fairly well.

What are your favorite and best features of Micro in your opinion? How have they helped you?

I LOVE the fact that Micro is available for use on the computer as well as on phones. That allows me to build programs on the computer, with easier-to-use tools (like typing with all of my fingers, for instance). Workout programs then sync with my phone automagically.

I also like how easy the app is to use when I'm working out. Recording reps, weight, and sets is straightforward and easy.

That said, the thing that REALLY has me sold on Micro is that the developers are SO engaged with their users. I've provided a ton of feedback, which has always been welcomed. I realize Micro is a relatively new tool, so occasionally I'd encounter issues. The developers welcomes my feedback and uses it to correct issues and/or plan improvements in future iterations.

I'm looking forward to the data export feature! When I get that, I'll happily award 5 stars to Micro!

Do you have any advice for other Micro users who have similar goals?

The hardest workout is the first one. If you can manage that, and then come back for the workout, the hard part is over. And if you're an older guy like me, remember to set realistic goals.

Or more realistically, perhaps, just be real about the progress you can make. If you keep lifting heavier weight for more reps, you're guaranteed to be making progress, regardless of what the scale and/or the mirror says.

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