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Real-time Data Sync

Micro is the only workout app with an easy to use drag and drop desktop interface. Real-time data sync to every device.

Supersets and Circuits

We've got those, too. If you need to swap between two or more exercises between sets, we've got you covered.

Customized Rest Timers

How long you rest for is just as important as your workout — but not all exercises are the same. So why should your rests be?

Scoped Exercise Notes

If two programs call for a slight change in an exercise, just make a quick note of it. You'll have access to all the history and comments during your workout.

Set Tagging [RPE, RIR]

Commenting can get repetitive. Save time with a tag. Specify your RPE or RIR with a tag. Once you start, you won't be able to live without it.

Performance Analytics

Micro is data driven. Get insights to make informed decisions throughout your fitness journey. We chart your workout data at every level.

Analyze Your Fitness

Explore and assess your fitness level by reviewing metrics like weight/reps/time volume, maximum, 1RM, and have it all visualized with beautiful data.

Track Workouts

Log every move you make while doing your workout. Easily adjust your exercises, sets, weights, reps and times.

Manage Workouts

Manage your workouts, exercises, and sessions. Always have them with you. From desktop to your phone.

Data Saved Forever

Need to cancel or pause your subscription? Don't worry. We'll take care of backing them up in a secure cloud setup.

Multiple Themes [Coming Soon]

Choose between different themes and toggle between dark and light mode. Or just let it adapt to your system settings.

Personal Records [Coming Soon]

Keep track of your personal bests. See when and what new records you achieved in your exercises.


Get motivated with our awesome workout consistency streaks. Pick it up and keep it going.

Direct Download

The direct download link is for people with android devices that run alternative operating systems or custom ROMs for Anrdoid devices.

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